Item shop, saving all progress, and skins?

Yeah, how do I do those???

Do you know how the save behavior works?
You need to know how to use that first

Yes, @“JR 01” I have touble understading that behavior

Saves work like
name = number

Such as
Coin = 15

Read: outputs a number (0 if nothing) and Save: makes new number = name AND outputs the new number.

I’m still not understanding @“JR 01”

Save a number and it’s saves

Alright, but I’m not understanding how to use it (in a save/load system) @“JR 01”

Read that number
Or Save a new one

Can you give me a visual representation @“JR 01” because I’m having a hard time understanding how to create a number, make it go into the save and then read it

you save a number by putting it into save input,
this also outputs it.
–> number --> Save –>

save has an output
read has an output

Save needs to be a number
read can be activated by anything

read just output the saved number
–> read –>

Oh, ok, I kinda understand now, let me try this

Here’s how you would save a coin after collecting it
(this way doesn’t reset after restarting a level)


Yeah, I don’t know how to incorporate it into my games @“JR 01”

I’m so confused, I’m trying to make it so then I can skins and what not saved, this is too confusing
I wanna have it knda like Temple Runner Retro where if you leave the game, then come back to it later, your progress is saved

That’s what a “save” behavior does, it saves whats in it for next time you play it or to go across different levels. Don’t focus on the shop, just figure out how it works. Just play around with it

PS: a shop is gonna use several save behaviors to get it to work, so just figure out how to use 1

And use filters for what you want it to do if like you had 15 coins then you do once read the name of your save(coins) then into a filter to tell it to do something. (Filters help a ton with the save behavior)

Let’s just figure out how to save a number @MagmaDude100
before we make that number do something

In The Graveyard I made it so each character has its own save behavior. If you haven’t bought the character yet, the value is 0 (which is the default). If you have bought it, the value will be set to 1.

If you want to check whether a character has been bought or not you can read the value from the save behavior of the corresponding character and send the value to a filter set to “equals to 1”. If it has been bought, it will activate “pass”, else it will activate “fail”.

Maybe this should give you a better idea how you should make it. I don’t really know exactly what you want.

Also remember that there is more than 1 way to make something,
it may make better sense if you find your own way of making a save behavior system later on.

Compared to @Latif’s shop, my shop has a bought character = -1 and a selected character = 1 - ??.
If you haven’t bought the character yet, the value is still 0 though.

Mine has a bunch of saves for each character.