How do you allow a player to pick up an item and the item changes the character visually.
Another Question How do you make a menu where the player can chose their item (An example of this is the classic Zelda: Link to the past)
Pls Someone help

The first question: Make it to when they collide with the item, they destroy that item and when they collide with the item, add an animation that makes them look different.
Next Question: If you look at Flowlab examples, there is a character select example. This would be similar to that but with items.
I hope this helps!

or for weapons you can attach a object with a shooting/sword script

@FlaminTurtle12 Thanks That makes sense
@glithctyrus Im not exactally sure what you mean?

ok so basically make a new object make it have a higher display order than the player make this object just the player sprite but it has a top hat then make a top hat the make it so the player attaches the player with top hat(dont forget to make animations and parent player) and thats simple way i used a slightly more complex way…

No problem @Dayne_r

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I am not very good with this can someone send an example

hmm what type of item is it a weapon?,clothes?, or other?,