It's done. Play mah game.

It’s done:

This game is hard fun. The story is weird. Graphics and animations are pretty neat. The music if you can call it music is made from sound effects put together.

I’m proud of it. Stop wasting your time reading and play it.

Game is quite hard ( couldn’t make it past first part XD) but I like the combat a lot (I should use something like that)

Thx, you’re welcome to use whatever there is

I wanted to use the movement and delectation of mice as possibly a spell in once upon equinestria

this is actually a creative game, never seen anything like it! nice job

pretty hard but i love it…

Thank you Luminous and Pizza ;D

It’s a good concept, but I think you should make the pop ups optional, because you die a lot, and have to click through them constantly over and over. Make a sign or something to activate them.

Nice work Clefergers, I haven’t made it very far but I like it. The background music blew my mind :slight_smile:

lol it took me a while to make, I’ll edit the first part a little bit…

@“Mhx Ar” I’ll see what I can do.

yaap the music its WOOW

Update: I put up some new animations for the final boss and power up candle- new music for the final level is coming

Btw thanks for all the support ;D

Final Update: Mice no longer move while they explode

Thanks for playing

You should make some mice chase you

It happens at the final boss fight :wink: @jngthree