It's official. ViperTeck is Leaving Flowlab.

Okay, maybe “leaving” wasn’t the right choice of word. But, it’s pretty much the same idea. I have been studying for years on making games and technology, all while being doubted by society due to my age. Well, I’ve found my place, and now, my success is in the works, during these dark times. I am moving on in my life. Thank you, @grazer, and users of Flowlab, for teaching me so much in the two years I’ve been here. I’ll be online every so often, to answer questions and chat, but besides that, ViperTeck will not be producing any games here anymore.

It’s bittersweet.
Sadly, I will no longer be producing games on Flowlab for you guys (as in all genders…) to enjoy,
but on the bright side, I’ll be moving on to consoles, and 3D games!
And not only that, but our first three quadrants will begin to kick into gear, and leave the blueprint stage.
ViperTeck Entertainment (The one you guys are most familiar with…)
ViperTeck Medication (We intend to study in health and medicine, but also food production and other lifeforms.)
Atomica (I have firmly believed for quite some time that atomic energy is our key to the future, if you do it right. Cars, general appliances, new technologies, and more!)

Goodbye, Flowlab. I’m going to miss you guys… (=
Stay safe.

you do know, that viperteck is already a trademark name right?

Goodbye @“browngr”, you have done so much for the community.

well @browngr it’s sad to see you leave, but good bye

@“Daniel Folston”
I have looked into it:

Viper(tech, tec, tek, etc.)
Most of them are knife and airsoft companies. Yes. ViperTeck was one of the only free ones for the taking, and having that my mere concept of the company is older than most of these companies, if there is a company named ViperTeck as well, I can say with confidence, that mine is already more successful, having that I spent almost six months checking for free company names
So, as far as I’m aware, “ViperTeck” is completely mine… So far (It’s been like seven years so it’d really suck if I had to go back to the drawing board for names XD)
Thx for your concern!

@browngr No! You were so good on here! We will all miss you! First Crimson Black Games, now you?! We have lost some key memebers, @grazer . Farewell.

@browngr Where are you moving to make games.

I’m probably going to start up in two different spots:
Yoyo Games and Unity.
Unity doesn’t have a very good reputation for having “good games”, but hopefully I won’t be a member of that reputation.
Yoyo Games is pretty obscure, (and expensive) but it’s pretty great. I look forward to working on both.

with which codes

@browngr Unreal engine is free too and uses code and nodes

@browngr Does Unity actually have that reputation? I’ve just seen it as the engine which most everyone uses. Its also one of the easiest to learn

@“my_name (<_>)” Yeah, especially amongst YouTubers who review games, when they come across games made on Unity, they almost always have a “Uggghhhhhh” reaction. I don’t know what makes that reaction, but I’ll guess I’ll find out when I see them first-hand!

@“The Kodex” wait, you can make games for Unreal Engine free? That sounds awesome! Thanks for telling me, I’m gonna check it out.

@ElecTronIC0 The codes I am most experienced with are Javascript and HTML. I can cross-patch them to create something really efficient and easy for me to memorize.

@“my_name (<_>)” I agree, In my opinion, Unity is better, and nearly all the games professionally made with Unity are fantastic.

Fortnite made by Unreal Engine

:frowning: Well bye. I wish you a good time when you discover another great game.

For 2D games I prefer Godot instead of Unity. Much better suited for it … and also free :slight_smile: