It's somewhat harder... it's better animated... it's here!

“Sam? Sam!”
Upon looking up, Sam sees Mike in a dystopian world.
“Oh, Sam thank God. The players out there wanted more levels to be completed.”
Sam looks in such an awkward look, before dashing through yet another 5 levels, which increased in difficulty.

Microsoft Sam dashes through 5 more harder, creative, animated adventures you hadn’t missed! It’s only a matter of time before Sam dozes off again!

Arrow Left/Arrow Right = Move
Arrow Up = Jump

Rating: Everyone 10+
Mild Fantasy Violence

You can play the game here:

Uhh… what??
sorry I don’t get the story O_o

The story isn’t that highly related. It’s something I thought I could think up.

Your jumping logic doesn’t work

i cant jump

“Jumping logic”?

Please explain.

The game ran into serious bugs. I am attempting to fix it, which I don’t know why it bugged out.

a) he just means that you can’t jump, possibly because you got the logic wrong.

b) what kind of bugs? You probably could get some help if you’re more specific.

dude just change the jump number to a positive one, its negative. That’s your jumping problem

yeah @Myw is right, having it as a negative number is basically like trying to get the player to jump down/backwards.