I've done it! COMPLETELY INTERACTIVE DIALOGUE!!! (Link to game in description)

In 1K, my biggest project so far, I have figured it out. A way to create 100% interactive dialogue in flowlab.
Have full on conversations with NPCs and decide where it goes! Plus, my NPCs are better and smarter than ever! For one reason. They will think.
I already have the blueprints down, and the first working completely self-aware NPC is planned to come out by next month!
But the conversation feature is down. I’ve never seen anyone do this before, so it’s really cool to know as far as I’m aware to be the first person on flowlab to do this.
It’s weird to use, but if you know how to, it’s really cool.
Basically, it gives you a list of options after the NPC says whatever it says. Based on these options, you press the button it tells you to do after you go through all of them. That choice locks the other options, and the NPC responds based off of that choice. And it goes on, until the conversation is over.
The design took quite a bit of thinking to do, but in the end, it worked. Right now, only one of the NPCs does this, and that’s Piper Wright at Publick Occurrences.

There we go! Piper’s talking is 100% complete for now! I hope you enjoy it! (=