Jayden Zhen's discussion (kick the buddy)

Kick the buddy (opposite)

What is this discussion supposed to be?

well just about my game


it is not finished so you can do whatever you want in the mean time

Hi guys! If you play kick the buddy (flowlab) just tell me if there is any bugs

@jayden.zhen can you copy and paste the game link into this discussion.


Okay thanks.

well the game is not finished.

here is the link for kick the buddy made by my friend #19 https://flowlab.io/game/play/1185401

http://forum.flowlab.io/discussion/9552/jayden-zhens-senko-game-xd?new=1 MY OTHER DISSCUSSION

credits: programmed by jayden Zhen
Art by @19
powers by @19

actully it is @#19

i hate you jay

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you alwase do

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Make it more gory and have more weapons to hit him with