In Ramshacklegames I said that I was going to be making a portal game alongside DoM, but I realized that it was to big of a project to be making alongside an even BIGGER project. So instead of finishing No Way Back, I’ll be finishing Jello!

Jello! Main theme

Theme 2

Yay! New forum means we can post again meaning I can keep an update log!

hey @Ramshacklegamestudi1 why does it look like you and the person that made the discussion @Ramshacklegamestudio look lik edifferent people?

Jello? More like Hello! spits out Jello

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ok then?

visible confusion

Dont you know that meme?

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No actually!

Never seen it before

lol (20 charecters) .

Ive Seen It Before :smiley:

I would fix the character animations so they are all the same size pixels. (the main image is a smaller pixel than the other animations)

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