JNGgames 2nd aniversery was last may

just noticed this but in may, 2015

it was my 2nd anniversary in flowlab!

I know its not much, but hey, 2 whole years is 730 entire days, or 17,520 hours..... I plan to celebrate this the classic way, by creating my best game yet.... (TE3, maybe?) I also plan to make a speical mode for TE2. Also known as


a 2 player deathmatch!

Cant wait to hear back from you! Maybe I’ll just go ahead and throw in my website as well!

Congrats,Googleygames’ 2nd anniversary is in 8 days!

Temple Explorer 3 ?! oh yes this sound awesome

Yeah,do TE3!

I’m already working on it…
One boomerang, one bow, one awesome installment coming soon with… Power ups?!? And maybe new and old types of puzzles like buttons… Moving walls… And I’m considering a day night cycle… What do you think @grazer?

Edit: YES… Two weapons are in this game… they can take out certain enemies…

Also there are two rock imposters. One that is harmless, and one that isn’t… It really isn’t that hard to tell them apart…
Also one thing that is confirmed… I’m planning to make a 3D version in the future with slightly different gameplay.

I’m sorta spamming…

Anyway so there is a new health bar… Instead of using the same old heart meter… I’m using colored icons… And there are 4 of these so expect a longer game each time… There is going to be a medic like last game… But this one is different… Currency is going to be added into this game and is obtained by killing monsters and bosses, so it will cost money- or gems.
That’s the last update for now.
Can’t wait to hear back…

Nice… Sounds really awesome

A Question: The indie account worth the money paid? It’s really good? I have to take some doubts before buying

its worth it…

Withut it TE2 wouldnt have been possiblea

@Icenity Games It’s definitely worth it!

so bb im worth it
What? I’m just singing :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey jngthree how do i play your games your website wont work :frowning:

I recall from another comment he did that it was “jngthree.wix.com/theconsole”, rather than “jngthree.wix.com/jngsconcole”.

@Mavis had to do some changes

The newer site is http://jngthree.wix.com/jnggames