Check out a game I’m working on! (I just started)


You can help!


GUI pro
NPC pro

Comment if you wanna join!

(You gotta have Indie!)

You know, if you wanted to leave the team, you could have just told us.

But I’ll see if I can fit in some time to join. If so, I’ve got NPCs covered.

You think I wanted to leave!? I looked over the requirements and didnr’t meet 'em!

There is no way I could commit to building someone else’s game!

I might join and help with the Art. the game sounds fun and I really like Cemi-3D. I’m not very active however so you might want to get someone else with me.

(Note: I have Indie)

You can join bro. We really need an artist!

You don’t need to commit!

XD nice note. We-I, wanted people who wouldn’t leave us after a week, since it’s going to be a long project. But I’d say you met them.

I left before a week

You get the ideaaaa

oh oh


How do I join the dev team?

I’ll invite you.

Thanks for the invite! I started some work on sprites, I’ll try not to break anything. I edited the key sprite to have a better depth. I’m gonna try and label the two numbers at the bottom of the screen during gameplay.

…What game are you editing again? I have tons–so many that I delete pretty good ones just cause I never get to em.

I MUST know what game you are editing!