Join my dev teamdrop email below if you have indie!

I am recreating among us if you would like to help with decoration stuff just tell me.


I Have Education And I Would Like To Join

Name: Pixelknife3
With No “1” In The Name

@yohancetorres1, I would like to join too I have a student account.

Username: R0CK With no O but a zero.

I’ll join sounds like fun!

I’ll also join! (20 characters)

Perfect thanks! i have invited you. Do you have a discord?

You have been invited. Do you have discord?

You are invited to my team, do you happen to have discord?

yes IcedWater#8488 202020202

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You have been invited

ok! i will add you! (20 characters)

Yes, I have discord but I am new in it. Plus I still need to make an account in it.

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I joined the dev team.


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ok :slight_smile: 202202002022020

Ok thanks 20202020202

i cant find you account, add me yoyogsmer#0716

ok 20 characterssss!!

sent friend request to u

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@yohancetorres1 btw You Did Not Invite Me
Make Sure You Dont Put In The “1” In My Name

So Just Type: pixelknife3