Joystick Controllers (?) Shifter Controls

Just a quick question, before I continue with my game. How many of you have a PS3, Xbox 360, or some other type of joystick controller with at least 8 buttons and a toggle stick? The reason I ask, is because I’m about to make the first game on Flowlab that is basically impossible to play without a controller, that uses the following or similar buttons:

A: Jump (A+A=Double Jump)
B: Melee
X: Shoot
Y: Charge

L Toggle: Aim UDLR+Diagonals
R Toggle: (Swap)
Blaster (Aim to rapid fire small bursts of energy in that direction)
Fighter (Smash fully charged melee attacks, like C stick in Smash Bros.)
Free Runner (Different directions do different parkour tricks, for when you don’t want to fight enemies, and would rather speed run the game in style)

Start: Pause menu
Select: Options menu

L1: Hover
L2: Shield/Parry
R1: Run
R2: Lock on/Grab
R2+R1: Thrash
L1+Tap R1: Light Dash
R2+L1: Teleport
L2+R2: Power Burst

L3: Crouch (Hold to crawl)
(D-Pad down swaps to Blitzsphere)
R1+L3: Slide attack
R3: Swap between Blaster and Fighter, hold to swap to Free Runner.

D-Pad: Quick swap different types of abilities
D-Up: Swap between Mhx Air and Crystal Aero when playing Tactical mode, or call them to you when playing Tag Team mode
D-Down: Swap between crouch abilities
D-Left/D-Right: Swap elemental abilities

That’s a lot of buttons.
Realistically, that’s 20 buttons on the Keyboard, and the 4 Arrow Keys. You couldn’t play this game without a controller, if you were a pro PC gamer. I mean, I guess you could try, but it wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable. I’m going to have to go out of my way to build a mathematical equation system for all these button combos, since there is no (and) behavior, but luckily, using filters and numbers, I should be able to pull it off.

These are the controls for Shifter.
Be prepared.

Cool, but how will you format it?

What do you mean?

As in how will you make the controller work with flowlab

Get Joy2Key. It binds buttons on the keyboard to a controller. You can also bind the mouse to the toggle stick.

Okay… cool

Hey maybe the whole controller thing could work with starblast! It is a twin joystick game after all…

Yeah, you can bind any buttons to toggle sticks. I use it for Flash games, and it works great in Geometry Wars.

Wasn’t GW:RE/GW3 given full controller support? I wonder if grazer can make a behavior node for this kinda stuff

Maybe. The problem is it would select the joystick buttons on your controller, but the buttons may be different on other controllers.

Maybe there could be a calibration thing

I mean… Realistically, you could make an in game menu that when you click a GUI button, and press a key, it toggles all other buttons off, and that one on, so you could make custom controls, but you’d have to make behaviors for every key, for every player action, and that’s a bit annoying.