Jump animation while running

When I move my player and jump, rather than displaying the jump animation, it makes him jump with his movement animation. This is obviously not desired, but especially because the player has a shadow that disappears when he jumps. Seeing the shadow display while in mid air is odd.

What am I doing wrong with how I’ve set this up?


arrows right/left to move, Z to jump, X to punch

Hey Paskeyland,

Your game is looking great. I can see where the problem is with your animation but I don’t have the solution just yet. The two animations of walking and jumping are fighting against each other, so you’re pressing jump and say walk right with both sets of animations trying to play.

I did put a flow from ‘z’ down into the stop animation of ‘right2’ and your player for a split second does what you are aiming for. I’m thinking a switch might do the trick but I havn’t got it working 100% yet.

I got stuck on the first set of blocks you need to jump up, I set the friction to 0 on the blocks and knocked down the gravity to 100 and it seemed to play much better.

All the best


Thanks MA! As for the jump animation, I can’t help but think this would be a great, easy place to use the AND logic command, if it weren’t offline. I could check for movement key AND jump key and then play the proper in-air animation. I had another issue earlier that would have been much easier if I had the AND option. If I could have but one wish this holiday season… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice on the blocks, too. I still don’t feel 100% on the purposes of the drag/bounce/friction physics options. I figure friction is how much resistance a surface gives you as you move over it (?) and that bounce must be how elastic the surface of an object is if you land on it (?) but then drag sounds like another friction. What is drag? It’s such a drag not knowing…

Hey Paskeyland,

I see you’ve now got the jump working much better. Good stuff.

You’re right on your guesses on the drag, bounce and friction.

Whatever happened to your other game? Did it evolve into this one?

Have you thought about adding sounds?



Hi Matt,

Thanks again. I think I since your comment managed to louse it up a bit. I have been busy and hope to return to the game soon.

The other game is still there. It’s still it’s own thing.
I just keep trying to make a very simple game to have something done, and then the new idea expands until I’m back where I started. haha I plan to return to it, too, at some point. I have a story fleshed out, but I worry that I might run out of space on FlowLab to tell it. Not sure what the max game size is. I wanted to add dialogue similar to an adventure game or NEW RPG type of thing. But I also don’t want it to take 20 minutes to load (that would be very floppy disk oldskool though :slight_smile:

I plan to add sound once I get the games further along, even bits of voice, too.


on the jump animaion click on always complete.

I already had it set to that. I realize I need to adjust its position so that the jump flips to the left when left movement happens. Same with the power up ability.


(Forget this comment)

why cant i open the game?

Because old flowlab games are broken and don’t work anymore.

Also no gravedigging please. This discussion is very old.