Jump bug

Hey, so I saw all the video tutorials and I did what they said, and for some reason I can jump infinite times (sorry for my english lol). Could someone help me to fix this bug? Thanks.

Can you please post a link to your game?



Ok, basically your problem is that you can “jump” whether your on the ground or not. Add a switch between the impulse and keyboard trigger and have jumping turn it off. Add a collision trigger and have that turn it on. Just open the behavior bundle “run and jump” and copy that.

Just copy mine, they work perfectly

I’ve actually run into the same problem before, @MichaelSLOLS , use the screenshot above, that works.

You need to have your collision to the ground so it wont jump again unless you touch the ground

i thought i ran into this problem, but just had a bunch of overlapping run & jump bundles.

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