Jump problem

I fixed a jump problem in my game by turning of the bounce property of the floor in my game, but it has aroused some new problems, if you jump up and down for about 5 or more times you then cant jump again until you hit something else.

Thats a glitch

@grazer may you please look at this

This editor has a lot of issues.

UPDATE: If you spam the jump button while the character is in air and then when it lands if you continue hitting the button the character wont be able to jump until it collides with another object that isn’t the floor. @grazer

Try moving down the floor a pixel and back up every now and then

ahhh nope that didn’t do it :neutral: thanks tho

Hey ztg5,

I took a look at your logic, and it seems like this is your problem:

  • when you click “down” on your jump button, you jump
  • when you release the jump button, you disable jumping
  • when you touch something, you can jump again

Now, if you click the button and hold it down until you land, the switch will turn on if you then release the button, your switch will be off. Now there is no way to jump or turn the switch back off.

If you do this instead:

  • remove the “stop jump” messages
  • connect the jump impulse “y” out to the switch “off” input

Now the switch will turn itself off every time you jump, and turn back on when you land.