When I jump in my game, I notice I can do it infinitely until my character leaves the screen. Is there a way I can set it so my character jumps but only does it once and doesn’t go up in the sky? Basically I can infinitely double jump

Can you provide a link to the game?

@Rozzyz , there is a video tutorial for this in the “help” section, and also in that section, many of the “helpful examples” show jump programming. Check those out, they should help!

Also, maybe a link, too?


If you hit the up key multiple times while jumping, you can just jump up into the sky and practically fly. Hopefully I can figure out how to just jump once and not fly once the key is hit.

@Rozzyz delete your jump and run stuff and go to behavior bundles and chose “run and jump”

@lolpinkshep Thank you, I’m a noob, I’m just running off of the starting tutorials. Btw nice profile photo, love Blastoise

@Rozzyz your welcome