Jumping Problem:(


Right now, I’m currently working on my first ever game that’s a platformer, but I ran into some issues.

1: When the player is against the wall, I can jump two times which I only want to jump one time.

2: Right when the player touches a coin, I can jump two times again.

Here’s the link to my game.


Go into your player’s run and jump bundle and change the collision from “any” to “Ground” so that only the ground enables jumping. (that’s not the BEST way to fix this but the easiest and quickests)

Should work!

Oh, then click on the collision behavior and change it so that only the top and bottom of the block can activate it.

I also made it so that it would work for the log too (it won’t save I did it to show you)

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And by the way, welcome to the community!

Hello Yorkie2323.

Thank you for the help! Now when I when touch any coin I can’t double jump, but still when I’m beside a wall I can jump two times. Do you know how to fix that?

Have the coin also turn on the switch.

Don’t forget to make the player collision shape a capsule


Hi PixelPizza.

When I’m beside a wall, I can double jump for some reason. Do you know how to make it so when I’m beside a wall, I will only jump one time?

Hi, again. All you need to do is set the player object collision shape to capsule instead of rectangle (so it doesn’t have friction on the sides and it doesn’t stick to walls), and then inside the collision behaviors turning on the Jump Switch set them to only to “down” instead of all four directions.

I hope this helps :+1:

Thank you so much! It worked!

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wut did not say dat why and who did that