Jumpy Adventure!

“…is 1,429 violent crimes per 100,000 people, meaning that residents have a 1 in 70 chance of becoming a victim of violent crime. The violent crime rate is 272 percent higher than the national average.”

Lol you asked so I overresearched. It’s my job.

I’m just going to delete all of the “nonsense” posts

Can anyone? Especially @meburningslime, can you give me any updates or anything?

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Also, Good morning everyone!


Good morniiing
Just woke up lol


I’ll make a new post. I’ll show you the link

How do I make a new post?

Why would you? This one is going good

I made something of a new game

But I’ll keep replying on this one too

I recommend making the player character a capsule, it just works better for physics.

Ok. How do I make a new post?

Top left, press the flowlab icon, then press new topic.

Link: My Adventure map!

@meburningslime, why do you have a yellow label next to your name?

If you’re doing something, I’ll wait for you. I have. work to do anyway

I have a yellow label because I contributed good music to the forums for free.

ok im back what happened

Can I get that label @meburningslime?

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