Just a check up on the big man

Has anyone seen Grazer, I’m not very active on Discord. But Grazer hasn’t made a post in over a day, and i’m desperately awaiting his retrieval of missing game code. I know he’s very busy, but now I’m just curious how the whole maintenance thing occurred and he vanished.

Okay nvm, he seems to be BACK NOW!!!

He’s been on the discord, remember that he is a busy person since he is constantly coding and helping a big community of active people.

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I’m aware, I just was just kinda stressing out, but we’re good now. Besides my code still being gone.

Have faith in grazed he might even be that guy that if he couldn’t retrieve the code he might remake it himself

I know he’s amazing, but I wouldn’t allow him to do that. I CAN recreate it but it would take many many hours, so anything to avoid that is worth it.