Just a Gather of Information

WARNING: DO NOT FEEL FORCED TO DO NOR ANSWER THIS. THIS IS OPTIONAL AND OUT OF INTEREST DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO. Sorry about the threatening warning, but It’s just to confirm I am not a paedophile. I have been trying to get my sister into flowlab for ages and then I wondered - how many girl coders are their? Game coders are stereotypical boys and the majority (where I come from) from america, and that would explain the hours some are on here due to time zones.So I just wanted to gather a stockpile of information to make some averages, including these three questions (Please note the warning. You are not forced to do this):

  1. Boy, or Girl?

  2. Which Country do you live in?

  3. Under 16 or Over 16 (Or Just your age which is better yet optional)

I am ONLY doing this because of curiosity, NOTHING else :slight_smile:

This is just the “who are you?” thread but with a disclaimer, I think the other one just said “Only cool kids put their name and age on the internet.”

-Live in the US
-Over 16

Last time this question was asked I don’t think there were any girls.

@“my_name (<_>)” IKR, but If I did not put that disclaimer this would look really shady…

I am a boy, and I would prefer to keep the 2nd and 3rd questions confidential.

@Superstargames That is completely fine. Thank you for answering one of the three though! I respect your privacy.

Im a boi

Live in Indiana USA

14 years of age

Yeah I feel like that disclaimer was good to put in otherwise @grazer would look at this and say “HMMMMMMMMMM!!! Whats this I see”

So yeah

@GrimProductionZ I know Right. This looks pretty shady without the disclaimer…

Lol yeah it’s cause of all the bad people online these days

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