❗ Just an idea for my game

So recently ive been really into “Tamagotchi” i dont wanna explain what it is so go to https://tamagotchi.com for info lol, But sometime this year i will start to make a little game like Tamagotchi (jus copy and pasting “Tamagotchi” at this point lol) But i will also make another game like a better kind of Tamagotchi, so ill make something like that later, i cant do it right now due to my very busy schedule. Ill let you all know when i can start just wait for a topic from me and well see. Also if you can send me codes + sprites for the game i would really appreciate it.

And as always have a great day.



Tamagotchis are one of the more addicting fidget toys. (Not that I’ve ever used one.) Nevertheless, I’m keen to see what kind of game this idea will turn into.


Here is the game so far its gonna be slow but itll get done , Hopefully

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Several people have attempted to make “care for your pet” types of games but the projects usually die due to lack of motivation. Would love to see someone make and finish one. Best of luck :slight_smile:


It will not be done so fast bc im very very busy sadly, sorry everyone.


Please, take your time to write descriptions. IRL means in real life. Yuh isn’t a word.


  1. The sprites all have different pixel sizes(in the device thingy the pixel sizes are inconsistent.)
  2. The buttons aren’t centered
  3. The egg sprite is ugly as heck