Just lost a lot of progress in a new horror Game

so i was making a game with a user interface to change your location. Testing the game wasnt easy, so I was trying to debug the inteface because it didnt work properly, and it would just exit the logic editor instead of showing what was going on…

I play tested the game to make sure it saved, then refreshed the page, causing me to LOSE the stuff I added in…
I no longer have my new BG…

can post a link to the game you’re talking about? Do you know the name of the background object that got lost? Was it just the sprite that disappeared or the whole object?

Well… its https://flowlab.io/game/view/228708… i eventully got the problem fixed about the BG… Its just the map interface that was lost

Now The interface works. I came a cross an animation glitch and now they are all jacked up

Can you make allerts have two buttons instead of one if disired by the author of the game?

i ended up redoing the dialog box…

@grazer, your opinion so far?

How do i play this game?

theres a button that goes to the control screen


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