Just thought of a way for flowlab to implement coding

so when you copy behaviors you get some text I was thinking if we could some what code with this

The text you see is ‘JSON’ and it is commonly used to describe data structures. So it contains all information about the object copied, like name, type, position, connections, etc.
But no, beside describing data structures you can not program with it by itself.

Reference:JSON description

oofs to the tune of never gonna gice you up

You can code by using Expression. A and B don’t need to be used, eval is the input. Since there’s not much space to see, I recommend using Notepad on your PC to write the code, then paste it in Expression. If you know what you’re doing, Expression should be able to handle anything in JavaScript and Haxe. I’ve been told that var will error for some reason. @grazer might know more about that.

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Regarding that, yes, defining something like var test = 3; seems to create an error.
But never had problems when I did it just like this: test = 3;

Hey, as they said, Expressions handle most code in JavaScript and Haxe.

Here are a few useful examples of what you can do using the expression:

W3schools is a really cool website to learn to program.

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