Just thought of the ultimate challenge

I was gonna see if we got to a point where we could make a basic game engine in flowlab anyone who would like to contribute would be helpful


making a simple game engine inside a simple game engine inside your browser. THIS IS INSANITY

to late its already started

also let me refine game engine by game engine I mean a basic color picker,a sprite editor a way to place blocks a basic way to do some form of code,and a way to play the game nothing else



oh so your approaching me,instead of running away your coming right to me?

i used the game engine to make the game engine.


this sounds like a fun challenge btw


thx @F3Art for the kind words and memes mostly memes

LOL, love it @glithctyrus
Had similar thoughts. You know those simple puzzle games where you program a little robot by lining command blocks up?

Complete game engine within the engine?
Why not :laughing:

I imagine ‘blockly’ style should work pretty well, GO GO GO - DO IT :+1:

It would be cool if there was a feature like this.


Hey @R0CK - these suggestions are great, but they should be their own discussion topics, probably in the “feature request” category. This way they are easier to discuss, and easier to find later when I am compiling lists of features to prioritize.

Okay, Next time il post it there.


I’m pretty sure that Johnny Boy did in one of his games as an easter egg.
I attempted one, but sandboxes are so similar that I went with those instead.

I’ve done something similar before, but not this large. Sounds like fun!

I want to die already

well who coulda thought

not that to perfect it we would need save states,but what I dread is some type of sprite editor

Remember, it’s okay to take breaks and refresh yourself so you don’t get burnt out on a project :wink: