Just Try IT!

This is my brtual game I made way back in 2016 after seeing Super Cruel Mario for the first time. Please don’t enjoy!

Hey @meburningslime , put you game link in my discussion, Bored Reviews: forum.flowlab.io/discussion/6828/bored-reviews#latest , and I will both play it and review it for you!

You might not want that… but what’s the worst that could happen? (Please don’t answer that!)

@grazer I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS WRONG the enemies on level 3 are not going back and forth!

This game is not cruel, it’s plain bad. you don’t even have borders on lvl 1. I fell of the edge and had to f5

pending further comments

Just finished it and I like the “”""“invisible”"""" block thing, but it’s not the greatest, once you know they exist you just spam jump and map it out.
matter of minutes.

All the levels are the same, dificulty wise.

I just got a 7/10 review, thank you very much.

…Uh, did I do something here?

@rcreger I dont think so, unless you committed a felony.

Just didn’t want my score of your game to be causing any arguments is all @meburningslime :lol:

youre fine. If anything it’s my fault!

If I’m being honest here… I don’t think it’s worthy of a 7/10 either. It’s more of a 2/10. I’m fine with unfair games but the sprites are awful. Almost everything is made with one of those basic blocks you get before you edit them. There’s hardly any decoration. It even freezes the screen when you die sometimes. If you want to make an unfair game, that’s fine. But this one could use some work.


Well, @“Biscuit Butter” and @meburningslime , I did review it a while ago closer when I just started, and there was a big streak of, to be honest, pretty bad games with low scores. I just didn’t have it in me to give another. I hate putting stuff like that, but trust me, that was the only one I let it off on. At this moment, it would be a 3.5/10 or maybe a 4/10 at most. I just didn’t like the uprising of low scores. Everyone needs their break, that was mine. Sorry for the confusion, thanks!

I’d say it’s better, but still buggy. I’ll give it 5/10 now. I love some of your other games, but this one isn’t the greatest.

Hey @“Biscuit Butter” , since there is a category now, you should think about doing reviews yourself! We always need more!

@rcreger I’ll think about it. I’ve always loved playing other people’s games.

Because, you know @“Biscuit Butter” , “The more opinions, the greater the outcome” :lol:

ow we all did