Just wanted to share my game

Been working on this new game for a few days now and wanted to get some feedback


the art is pog
one thing I would change is making the radius bigger for what you could mine (Im bad at explaining things)

You mean being able to break more than one wall at a time?

pretty much

I’m going to add bombs eventually, but it’s not as simple as it would seem. The new rooms and walls are generated as you walk into the darker gray rooms so there are no walls otherwise

for as long as a live, I will never understand random generation

So basically… xD
It’s actually not that complicated at all, the dark gray rooms each have 4 raycasts pointing in all 4 directions checking is there’s a wall or a room there, then when walk into it, for each side that’s empty it picks a random number between one and zero, if it’s one is places a wall, if it’s zero it places another dark gray room, and then it deletes itself and spawns a light gray room at it’s position. I hope that was clear enough…
you can always look in the “Undiscovered Room” object

if you want a better look too you can change the color of the background of the caves level