Keys and doors

how do I make keys open doors?

my game:

Make it so that the key deletes when it collides with the player and then sends a message to the door to open. (Or delete so its out of the way) Im on mobile or else I would send you a screenshot.

I figured it out. Thanks ManiacPumpkin for the help.

Hey @Jerry_BlueBerry really nice game it kind of reminds me of Doodle Jump here are some ideas for you game

Maybe add falling platforms that if you stand on to long they will fall,

Moving platforms will move right to left or up and down,

Add semi solid platforms which you will be able to jump through,

A coin or score system maybe add a infinite game to see how far you can get or add levels that determine you score with coins,

Definitely need to add more enemys like moving blasters and layers and stuff

I cant wait till December when its done looks very clean and neat.