Kid's Quest Discussion

If you ever get stuck or find a bug in my game,Kid’s Quest, you can comment and ask questions in the comments. This discussion isn’t for reviews. Please be specific on where you’re at.

The main things, for me @“Biscuit Butter” , is try to make things obvious of what you are supposed to do. Put in a message or something of the objective, what we can do. Maybe you can put this in a menu or something. The next thing is that when the box is against the wall, you can’t pull it back, which becomes a problem. I suggest making a restart button and help button for when you are stuck, and checkpoints so that when you restart, you can go to the area you were just at.

Other than that, this game looks amazing, and has much potential! I can’t wait to see what this turns out into! Good luck!

@rcreger Yeah, I should add some hints. As for the boxes, you have to press the spacebar (but a pulling option might be nice) Thanks for the feedback!