Kingdom Siege
Please try this new game of mine and feel free to ask any questions or suggest new enemies. Thanks! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Also, the game is pretty darn awesome, but you could use some animations for when you run. Also the title screen is a bit weird. After a little bit the title just goes away. Other than that the game is amazing. Great job!

Ok thanks! The Alpha is currently having a weird glitch where is alpha is 0, the block is destroyed! I will try to do Running animations.


Never mind, just fixed the title! By the way, have you defeated both bosses?

If you have any idears for music, enemies or bosses, then let me know.

LOL maybe you could please favorite my game? I’m trying to get it into the tops.

Okay, wow, so… a neat enemy would be one that strikes from above. It constantly moves back and forth in air, and you could also make an attack for the players that attacks upwards. That would be neat, also a boss that makes large jumps back and forth from one side of the level to the other, making the player have to use the said upwards attack. As for music, try something from Ghosts and Goblins. BTW, you got yourself a favorite, good job.

One last thing: The flashing lights are very distracting and is a spasm waiting to happen.

Two things. Thank you so much! I will definitely add these new features. The background, as said in the description, is evil, but you can click 2 to turn it off. Thanks for the feedback!

The flying enemies are already in the game and will come after 130 seconds.