KO animation position

In the SSB series, there’s a clearing (KO) animation whenever the player passes the blast zone. I did the animations and all, but I don’t know how to get the blast animation to be where the player was cleared. If anyone knows how… pls teach me :smiley:

Why not have the player emit it?

Then again theres the emit problem

but if he emits it, if he hits the top he has to emit down, and rotate the animation.
if he hits the sides, he also has to rotate the animation by 90 degrees and has to it left and right separately.
if he hits the bottom he needs to emit up. i did the last game with having different blast lines at the bottom and sending messages to the animation (specific objects), but it wasted tons objects and weren’t really accurate.

How about you have a bunch on blocks on the border, and when the player hits it from the left, it emits a right screen burst. If the player hits it from above, it plays a fall burst, and so on. Use collision up collision left collision right and collision left behaviors for different explosions, but they all emit the same object, or don’t even use emit, and have the objects play the animation.

oh… i get it. ill use the star ko animation for the top! Thanks