Kodex's groups chat area

this is a privet chat for my boss’s group thekodex should be the first one i talk to so i can figure out who is in it and who is not

hey you can do private chats you dont have to do discusssions :slight_smile:

Okay, nice. Also, I am still working on the game, it’s not abandoned yet. I wanted to do a few updates too, especially on the enemy AI. We just need more work on the map, if anyone is up to it.

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What games are you currently working on @The_Kodex?

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The Retroscape, my unnamed mobile game, Retro Racing, Chrono Space and few others left for development, like the mending

cool! Right now DoM is under heavy development, and I started working on Jello! again.

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That’s great and I would be pleased to help anyway I can. I’m never working on one game at a time, that would be boring I guess

If you want to help check out the DoM update log discussion.

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im suprised people found this

what should i do next for the mending boss