kyle and sonic the fan game

hey this is kyle wells you may know me as kwells im the creater of the less known fan game kyle and sonic .
I would enjoy it if you to put this game on youtube or share it just remember not to copy it or sell it. any sonic characters are owned as sonic and my character kyle is owned by me. by the way i would like it if you tell me glitches or commet as well as play block run 1 and 2 (2 isnt finshed yet). plese tell me if you like it

here are a game you might want to

kyle this pagee is unenessisary but okey
@kwells you also shouldnt promote other people’s games

but why

This is my absolute favorite game on Flowlab. Thank you for created such a genius and deep game.

you are welcome

if you would like a would make a camo in the creits or sprite as en easter egg if you sent the sprite

“camo” lmfao

what do you mean by imfao

he means “laughing my blep butt off” (lol the mega clean version)

i just searched it lol


wow, this conversation has developed into something beautiful.

ya welp mabey no coase words like the f word or a word pls

sorry for bad grammer and pls sent me a sprite of what you want in the game for a camo MagmaDude100

any ways sent me pics if you wnat so i can make the sprite in the camo

if you want

@kwells to get his attention, you have to say @MagmaDude100 instead of MagmaDude 100. Why, I have no idea.

This is an image that I think would do. I’m sorry for responding a few days late.

well, i’m trying to send a picture, but it’s not uploading. I’ll be back in a sec