kyle and sonic the fan game

There you go!

An absolutely beautiful cameo for an absolutely beautiful game. Great idea.

Thank you so much buttered biscuit. You sound delicious by the way

@kwells just so you know, I won’t be working on this game for a while as I am focusing my attention Bullet Madness Ultimate ( )

-Pixel, Virtual Assistant

k working on camo


find the one ring in the wall in emerald hill to find cameo


Thank you very much sir kwells.

sir @kwells

you are welcome

by the way if you want i can add more cameos in it just make sure to make them a litle smaller


It was so bad, you shouldn’t even post it on your game disscussion. I would reccomend taking it off.

@cthornock the game? because the game was pretty good, i liked the gameplay, and the title, and the idea.

(BTW this is lily.k, it’s just a different account)

I must agree with you poop10. It tis a wonderful game and idea I have been following it for a while and must say, the game-play has improved from what could only be described as a masterpiece. It’s greatness is off the charts and I couldn’t congratulate the creator(s) more. I will most definitely be following the development of the game whilst I enjoy it. Thank Sir Kwells for creating such a game.

hey thanks if you want you could join my team just pls dont delete stuff