Label Issues...?

So i wanted minimal blocks in my level so ive been using one block for all and such anyways so i wanted a block that extracted its position, added 2 tiles or so and have multiple blocks with a text to its left… but i seem to only be getting 1 text shared by all the blocks? i just need help… Note: The block or whatever that has the text 'n script is Enemy AI > Health (Bundle)

Link: Flowlab Game Creator - Galaxar (Current State: Unplayable)

End Goal: 1 Text per Enemy AI Block only using 1 Label Code Block.

I’m slightly confused, which label is this and what is the label for? I think you may be trying to increase the x by a certain amount, and you may of made the mistake of using 1 pixel instead of 32 pixels (a grid) to move it?

Labels are tied to the “type” of the object, so clone objects share the same label.


Ah, Any way to maybe seperate the label?

Only way atm is to make a new object.

Well, little sad… but i managed to slap like a crap ton of filters detecting the Y value and the 3 labels would be assigned to that Y values position…

So goal… mostly complete… Only using 1 block but using 3 label code blocks…