LABNOTES (Flowlab Game Reviews)

Hey Lab Techs!
I’m looking to take a foray into game reviews, be so kind as to drop me a link to something you’re proud of and interested in having some words written on, and I’d love to give it a shot!
EDIT: I think it’s best to only submit generally completed games, as this is how I will be reviewing them.
I’ll be posting to them to a website also, hopefully to keep updated reasonably!
Thanks for your time, happy creating!


So, yeah. This isn’t done. Mostly because I just startet it and then I kinda lost track : P

im pretty proud of this working in progress its really short as ive been making it for the last 2 days with codealpaca Flowlab Game Creator - octoadventures


@hihilogic @CarbonSoda
I probably should have specified that I’m looking for games to review as a generally finished game, for the review to be more fair.
Do these submissions meet this criteria?


nope but ill finish the first boss and make a demo for you


Well, yeah. The game definitely is playable. I just didn’t add all the knicknacks like i wanted to : P

Bullet hell game with 2 chapters not done but its still 2 out of 3 chapters hehehehe (bullet hell game and also who the heck r u???) - Life Cycle

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May you please review my greatest masterpiece? I put so much of my heart and soul into this project that if I put some metal arms in it, I’d have the power of the sun in the palm of my hands by now.