I’m not sure if this has been asked yet but are ladders able to be made? I have been on this site a while but haven’t really been coming to ask these questions till now.

hm… I might have a good idea for you.
make that ladder object not be solid
Im going to assume your gravity is 45?
now open the behaviors of your player
add these -
make a timer, leave it at 10 but make it repeat forever, connect it to an on/off switch to (off)
add a proximity check for [ladder] and connect that to (on)
make a key for up “repeating” and set that for (in)

for the (out) of the on/off switch, make a number for say 39, you can adjust the number how you want it, but connect that to the Y for a motor.
Now when you’re on a ladder and you hold up, you float up at whatever speed you made the 39 number. You can also make a climbing animation and set it to (play) connected to the on/off (out)


what do you mean by “make a key”

@“milton C” , add a keypress trigger.