Lag reduction of projectiles

Simply put, bullet hells lag Flowlab… a lot.

Experienced Flowlab devs, do you have any tips for reducing lag with large amounts of projectiles on screen? Even if only a slight difference, being able to have just a couple extra shiny red pixels of hitbox bullying on the screen at once without slowing things down too much would be great!

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When the bullets are out of view make sure to delete them with the “In View” behavior.

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Make sure the code in the bullets is simple. They shouldn’t need velocity to move since they should get emitted which will already give them movement. My bullet hell game project lags only when i’m on my chromebook (school computer) and i set a contraption up that emits 196 bullets per second.


Yes, they are deleted as soon as they leave the screen. The blocks deleting them also act as the physical barrier keeping the player on screen

Yes, the only paths in the bullets are to be deleted on contact and to send damage numbers to the player on contact

speaking of which, I can move the latter to the player now that there is no dash system, thanks for reminding me!

If you link the game I can look at the code later to see if I can increase performance.

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here ya are, I probably should have linked this earlier

Anyways, my coding is a little messy because I continuously forget to bundle things, sorry


Theres absoluty no lag for me and im on an ipad


I also have no lag and I have a very bad computer.

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that’s good, that means my fix is helping

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No lag for me or my friend joe

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chad response