Lagging please help

In this game I made every time I go into the “Rise” mode it takes forever to load then when I open the editor and try to press play it takes even longer is this happening to anyone else? Please try it!

also when you go into the snipeout mode when you click to shoot and use the mouse to aim if you aim close to down at the right spot the arrow gets stuck can someone help?



And also in Rise mise when you touch the spikes or anything
You dont respawn.
Please someone help me

Hey @“Johnny boy” - it looks like your problem is that all the Spike objects (and there are a lot of them) are using polygon colliders. Polygon colliders are nice for creating unusual collision shapes, but they make lots of small shapes that are not very efficient, so use them sparingly. If you switch the Spike objects to use circle colliders it should run much faster.

Oh wow, this is like a 2D version of too many polygons. This is really good to know!

thanks @grazer

Also in the same game on the snipeout mode when you shoot (you use the mouse aim) and click to shoot if you aim close to down and shoot the arrow will get stuck and there is no block there.
@grazer can you help

It might be getting stuck on the player.

Your right @meburningslime I just made and exception(Idea from Crimson Black Games) for collisioning with the player