Lambency stuff(the lights in the dark)

this is my attempt to revive a discussion, get all the info for it here. this is pretty much a place where I can show off some ideas and teasers and get general feedback on it


so heres the first enemy design for the game so far: the leecher

his mechanics are simple, when he attacks you and is not on full health theres a chance he will heal himself a little

so I had the idea to rename the game to lambency (look up the definition and you’ll see why)
is this a good or bad idea?

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I think the simplicity of the new name would bring a bit more of a sense of authenticity - so I like it.

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ok, im a bit stuck, i forgot how to rename games

There’s color to this game right because if there is not and it’s all black and grey like my game then I’m summoning my lawyers. Nah just kidding, no but seriously. :wink:

Any way looks great *summons my lawyers