Large numbers and decimals

Something that really bugs me is that you can’t have decimals in flowlab, also if a number is to big, it just goes to 121575211. Making a grinder game is virtually impossible with this.

nope it’s not :wink:

If I am not wrong there already discussions about infinte levels /games

Yeah, integers only go up to 2,147,483,647 ( ) in Flowlab currently. What are you trying to do that requires a score of more than 2 billion? That’s a lot of clicks.

How about a system that, when a number is exceeded, the game abbreviates it. And goes from there.

Grinder games, like cookie clicker, and other things like that are extremely limited

count using [number1] up to max value. filter [number1] to its max value, when it passes, now begin counting using [number2].

it’s not that big of a deal, for instance if you want to check if you’ve counted to 3 billion, just check if [number2] equals 852,516,353. (2,147,483,647 + 852,516,353 = 3 billion)