LawkRD Game reviews (Mechanic Reviews Open)

Welcome to Learning Acrobatics With Knives Reviewing Division


I will grade your game on the following:

PROS: I will give you a list of the aspects I thought were good about the game.

CONS: I will give you a list of the aspects I thought were bad or needs improvement about the game.

VERDICT: A general scale of 1-5 of how good I thought the game was. I will also give you tips on how you can improve your game, and what you should change and add!

Mechanics Review!

Bugs: I’ll play your game and give you a list of bugs that I found during the game (also spelling errors), I will also help you try to fix them.

Ideas: Have you ever been making a game an just dont know what to add? Well I will give you my thoughts and ideas on what you should do next and how you can implement them!

Note: this is not part of the reviews. If you want me to re-review, and there’s not enough new content for me to do a full review, then the review will automatically fall under this category.

if you want me to do a mechanics review, please tell me so. If you want me to do a normal review and mechanics review, also, tell me so!

NEW LawkRD star of the week!

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Why not do me first? Here are two of my games:

The first game I’ve made on FlowLab, A Little Evil:
(I haven’t worked on this one for a while, and still might not change things, but I’d like to know what you think about it, thanks!)

Then my latest game, A Boy in Armor:
(This I am still updated currently. One thing you should know is that this is a story game, so it is about consuming the facts. There is attacks and a sprint, of course, but they are not necessary, as there is no obstacle nor enemy, but there is dialogue enemies that you can try figuring out people in the game, thanks, and good luck!)

Thank you for considering, and make sure you read all of the information I gave in the parenthesis, as they could help with the review. Thanks again!

Im sooooo sorry that im a late, ill review these ASAP!

No worries @ToastMaster64 . Everyone has a life, and I don’t have any business in getting into those matters. All is forgiven, and thanks!

Doctor who: A little evil

*The music fits very well!
*Game play is a little challenging but it makes you want to play more!
*The story is really good and you have to play as the bad guy for once!
*It’s daleks and doctor who (duh)

*graphics are a similar to the default.
*Spikes would take damage for no reason?
*When i’m close to an object and jump, I would slide back a little?
*Background on the earth levels are lacking, but on the moon levels, I think the dots suit well.

VERDICT: 3.75/5 It’s good game but I would like to see:
*a variety of enemy
*more story (it needs to go on! lol)
*better background

BTW I love daleks!

Well, thank you for saying they are “similar” than “are” default graphics. Actually, I only have 3 original default graphics, all the rest have been changed to look at least a bit better and more realistic with 16 bit. Now the story, I have tried to make it as big as I could. I’m using free, and that is my only excuse. That also applies to the background, I really can’t add anymore to it lacking the objects. However, thanks for the review, and sorry I can’t fix these. That is why I said I won’t be fixing things for this one, and to update for A Boy in Armor, I just used my last object, so I might not be able to use anymore unless it is just programming. Anyways, thanks for the review! I can already tell you will be great at this! Good luck!

A boy in Armour

*Beautiful graphics!
*How long did it take for you come up with this story?
*Surprising ending!
*I like how everyone doesn’t believe you, Way to keep a mood!

*the “death tree” immediately freezes my game when I click on it, and since the game is one level, I had to restart from the beginning.

VERDICT: 4/5 Like you said it’s not finished but here’s what I would like to see:
*(you’re probability already adding this) Enemies!
*I would be cool if you could have a variety of weapons or classes?

I like this game and for sure will come back to it!!!

Well, sad thing is I have ran out of objects :anguished: Also, this game isn’t really about combat, but the story. You can of course kill people, but it would be more of a murder, and you won’t be attacked, since I want the player to live to the end to experience the whole game. But thanks for the review, and good luck!

EDIT:To answer the question, I just came up with the story as I went along :lol: I do a lot of creative writing on my free-time, and this only scratches the surface since I’m not unlimited.

Omg im sorry for some reason you last post didn’t load, If your using free then that’s great! So completely disregard my “additions” part of my A boy in Armour review (and A Little Evil), I guess if you get indie then those suggestions will be useful lol. But it would be cool to see!

Yeah, I understand. I wish I could do that, but I don’t have the money for that right now. I might actually make another account so I can make more and more games for you guys. I was actually trying to make a different type of game, not really on the violence side, but is dark nonetheless, and a bit sad (That music I put for the “Dying” level…). I’m trying to make more and more original games that stand out for their story. But no worries, thank you for the review!

Your welcome!

Hey @ToastMaster64 , just curious, I have two questions:

  1. Is there really a copyright for your stuff?
  2. Do you actually have multiple people working with you?

If you say “yes” to at least one of these, I will be impressed, if “no”, I know where you’re coming from :lol: I used to make “copyrights” all the time for stuff. Thanks!


Im guessing your talking about The Thief At the museum?

General rules:

Video game design rules:

yes, My team didnt use any copyrighted material though, so we didnt have to go through the process.
yes, I worked with a team of 5 of my class mates for several months.

As for LAWKS,

And it’s just me and my friend lol

Good enough for me @ToastMaster64 :lol: Good luck, and sounds like fun!

Super mini reviews, lol, more like over kill

Hey, Im creating a new horror game called “The Cursed Room” and it is still in the making. I just wanted to see if you had any ideas that I could add to it. Sad thing is, that I am almost out of sprites to use (Free edition) and the game is no where near done. If anyone has any ideas that I could do or add to make it better then please let me know.

The game isn’t scary at the moment because I haven’t add the jump-scare part (Coming soon) I mostly wanted feedback on the map or overall house.

If you want you could try out my finished game “Only one Way”

Ill get on it!

The cursed room.

*Wow already at the start I can see this is going to be a scary game!
*The fact that you made it look so Erie and dark really makes a good theme!
*I like the mechanic of the flash light.
*the layout of the home is really believable, almost like you’re in an actual house!

*There’s no sound
*I had to search through a lot of desks to find the key. (easy fix, just less desks)

VERDICT: 3.25/5 Like you said, it’s not finished, and since you’re using free I cant really give you too much suggestions.

This is what I would like to see:
*A meter for the batter life of your flash light.

  • maybe you could find more objects in the desks (like more batteries)?
  • Now I see you have 2 different types of desks, one with the key, one without, but you could make it random for each desk to have an item in it, this will also help because every new game, you will have to look for the key again.

I REALLY cant wait to see a fuller version of this game!!!

Only One Way
Not gonna lie, I already played most of this game.

*cool way to do the ending credits!
*The Graphics Are good.
*The fact that you have to find stuff all around the dungeon is cool.
*good job on the boss!

*the music didn’t fit that great with the theme.
*Not to be rude but, the fighting is a little bland.
*The score really doesn’t contribute to the game.
*there’s no way to heal?

VERDICT: 2.75/5 It’s just not my type of game.

Even though it’s finished, here’s what I would like to see:
*A way to heal.
*more dungeon-like music.
*a better fighting method.

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