leave feedback about my new game steve jump


try it out
dont get mad
have fun


just got done

overall its pretty simple its just hard to control for the second level the spikes are to close so you cant move far

<img src=“http://forum.flowlab.io/uploads/imageupload/305/B0V9ERH67O9C.PNG” alt="dajkfauifuiawf"title=“dajkfauifuiawf”/>

i like the trolls and these invisible blocks here


also the last level is misleading


@FluxPotato101 that’s all of my opinions.

did you finis the last level

its supposed to be misleading

@FluxPotato101 i found it a little obnoxious that you go back a level if you die and it would be good to have an animation instead of just one sprite but the game is ok oh and take of the death messages it breaks the pace too much

@FluxPotato101 i can do an in-depth review on my discussion tho

@lolpinkshep that would be great thanks

this game is so trash you just clip into the block and cannot jump. This is some BS artificial difficulty. Also there are no run animations.

It was kinda fun, it could be harder though

@personman ok thanks for the review and i didnt do run animations because i dont want to

@“JR 01” thanks

any ideas for a second one