Legend of Zelda

I’m Remaking the Original Zelda on Flowlab: http://flowlab.io/game/view/604526
Any feedback would be nice

I mean this very politely, but Nintendo is pretty fierce about copyright integrity. There was a recent fan remake of Zelda in a 3D format and Nintendo’s lawyers blasted it out of existence with giant legal fireballs (even though it was not intended for sale).

Agreed. AM2R was also taken down by Nintendo. The game was a remake of metroid 2.

Nintendo is pretty protective about its IPs (intellectual property) taking down fan art, stopping cosplayers, removing fan games, etc.
Pokmon uranium which has been around for 12 years was shut down too. In spite of this, Nintendo has been pretty nice and took no legal action against the creators.

Sega on the other hand, encourages fan games and even hired fans for their creations. If it weren’t for my belief of being independently original with my charactors, I would probably have a lot of games going.

But keep going if you want, it’s your choice.

Ye there are a bunch of mario copies in here. If Nintendo ever comes across Flowlab…


…wow took this long to reach my top #play my game

@Bestotted_Puppy dude, please. These users haven’t been online for almost a year. Nobody is updating these topics, so nobody is going to get the messages. It’s like texting someone that got a new phone number, they won’t get the texts, but the person that has their old phone number now will.