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ok so I am making a super mario maker fangame and for that I need a level editor which is when I made this https://flowlab.io/game/play/1498932 its nowhere near done and theres alot that I still have to do so please keep i mind that that it has very little variety, and yes I know its very buggy and kinda bad but none the less I thought id share it! try and send me some feedback to let me know how to improve and bugs you ran into thanks again and bye

that’s really good so far! I hope you keep working on it!

you were most likeley already gonna do this, but adding a menu to place certain blocks, not just grass. also, id recomend making your own textures, beacause it will look mch nicer then! (:
Also, can I use this code? if not thats ok, but im looking for a way to make a level creator for my game, (I will credit you if you say yes)

The Spawner Places More Than One Block

you can place a block on the blocks from the menu, you could also make an eraser that would be helpful too.

you should also make your grass have a single frame animation of yor dirt texture, then, put and always into an upwards ray cast, to do be dirt, so if there is grass above another grass, it becomes dirt!
(hope that made sence)

actually theres already an eraser switch using E

Sure you can use it (must be 20 characters)

thanks! (20 Characters)

your welcome! (20 characters)

soooooo… Thanks for the idea, and the code! i credited you in the post I made, you can see it here:


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1st update!

  • more items
  • a player and enemy object
  • controls notifier
  • fixed click and drag bugs
  • a play button
  • another block that you can use click and drag on

if you find any bugs or things I should add tell me!

The play button is a little weird, but how I would remidie that is just have a button you press to pause and play, you might still want a signifier tho, to tell if you are playing, or editing. (ps: you can still place blocks while ur playing)