Level loading to white

Game —) https://flowlab.io/game/play/1187114
Upon selecting single player, the level loads up to a white screen with only the UI started up. The editor still has everything inside it, just actually playing seems to break it. Loading directly from the level in level editor causes the same problem, so the mechanism that changes levels doesn’t seem to be the problem. Anyway, I’d like to know if it is just my computer being dumb or if it is a legitimate problem. It was working about half an hour ago, and only just now started problems. You know, as I finished! Anyway, if someone could check it out and see if there is a fix it would be greatly appreciated. I don’t recall having a glitch of this nature with Flowlab myself, so I don’t even know where to start in troubleshooting. Thanks :slight_smile:

I won’t be home for a few hours, but I’ll take a guess. Generally when the game shows a white screen, it’s because you are loading a character that has a camera off the main area of the screen. Let’s say for example you have that normal box of the beginning of each level, if you build a lot of the game off screen, and then place your character really far away from the main box area, when the game goes to load, the camera gets stuck at the beginning of the level, but the game also does not load anything that’s off screen, so you are just looking at a white screen. If your player is really far away from the main level box, try dragging it there first.

If it’s not camera related, another thing that causes a white screen bug is when something is preventing something else from functioning in an endless loop. One way that would happen is if you have something get destroyed when it touches something else, but it’s not the player causing it to be destroyed, like you may have accidentally set the destroy to any instead of only the player. This can cause a bunch of tiles that are ground tiles or something to collide with each other and they all try to delete at once and freeze the game, or all the enemies destroy just from touching the ground. The reason that is a problem is because they are getting destroyed on the same frame that they are being spawned in.

The best way to narrow it down, is to slowly delete one object at a time and play, until you figure out what is causing it. Once you know what object is causing it, try to remember what you did recently, and that’s probably the issue. If you don’t want to mess up your level, you can make a new level, and slowly add different objects until it stops working. When it shows the white screen, the object you just added is the one that’s causing the problem.

Thank you! I have found and fixed my problem, I had screwed up one of the AIs equations, but it’s all good now. Thanks!