Level problems

When I try to test one of my levels, the entire website freezes up for me. This isn’t just a one-time thing, it happens EVERY TIME!
What do I do? Did I make a mistake with the Behaviors of my game?
(We’re doing this for school, so PLEASE REPLY SOON!!!)

Its your internet or a bug :stuck_out_tongue:

Ask your teacher, she (or he) will help you! Or is it happening with ALL the students

Post a link to your game, and I can take a look

Okay, it’s the second level that’s giving me trouble.
PS: In the first level, you play as a space fighter, and I can’t seem to find out how to make it shoot straight.

it froze up for me too

I tried Google Chrome and IE and I don’t have access to Mozilla Firefox, so I have no idea what to do, and it’s DUE FRIDAY!!!

Never mind, I figured out the ship thing. But I still need help with level 2.

Hey bkensok,

You have a couple of serious problems with level2. For starters, Luke should just be a single sprite, not 5 of them. Instead of trying to glue a bunch of sprites together, just open up his body or head in the sprite editor, click the “scale” button, and adjust the sliders at the bottom to make the sprite whatever size you like.

(You can do the same thing with planet Hoth on level 1 if you like)

The root cause of the crash is all of the “attchment” behaviors that are getting run every frame. It shouldn’t actually be able to crash like that, but those behaviors are definitely the problem. If you actually did need to have all those attachments, you would just want to attach them once (like with Once trigger), not every single tick (like with an Always trigger).

So, to recap: To make the game stop crashing, delete all those always->attachment behaviors. Then to make Luke look right, just use a single large sprite.

Let me know if any of that was unclear :slight_smile:

Thanks, that seemed to help a lot. There is one issue with the lightsabor though. The monkey guys are the bad guys, so if they touch him, I want them to kill him. But, I want him to be capable to kill the monkeys with his lightsabor. Since they are the same sprite, how do I work that out?

you could do something like the “ninja vs robots” demo game, where the ninja has a swinging stick animation. If he touches a robot when he is swinging the stick, the robot dies, otherwise the ninja does:


Kk thx