Level Trigger, and improving the Cameras

The level trigger would be a simple output that gave the current level that is loaded (1, 2, 3, etc)

And a way to improve the cameras would be to have a way to disable or enable them.

With this, you could have the level trigger tell which level it was, and based on that, enable a specific camera with a border set for that level

You can figure out the current level right now by adding an object to the level that sends you a message on start. It’s not super elegant, but it works ok.

The Camera disable/enable is a great idea - I was just thinking about this exact thing yesterday!

It would be nice to be at a lock the camera, specifically for boss battles, but I usually have a collision or proximity trigger an extractor for the player’s current position, and force the camera to stay in that position. Lock camera and unlock camera input slots would be much easier for new users, or just to save time.