Library sort/Find

The ones that have bigger projects to manage probably have the same problem.
Your library is filled to the rim and it takes ages to find specific objects flipping back & forth.
Yes, this has been addressed several times, folders have been mentioned, tags, etc.
By what I can see those won’t be easy to implement. You need to be able to create/delete/manage folders. You need to be able to shift objects between them if needed, could be a can of worms.

P.S. allowing wildcard characters might be helpful …

So why not keeping it simple.

I think one easy (ok, never say easy regarding program changes, LOL) way would be the ability to sort/filter the library view by the use of a filter.
It would require (only) an additional input filed on the Library window and nothing else would be needed.

Here how I imagine it, first the cluttered view we are all used to :

And now filtered (in this case by ‘08’):

So you would keep you library organized by using some smart naming, numerical, alphanumerical etc. You changed your mind, you rename the object, easy as.

I hope my explanation makes sense. If you think this could be useful, please support this request.

Live Long and Tinker


100% behind this. With each game I make, the library gets bigger and bigger. Something tells me Grazer has thought about this before, afterall it’s an obvious issue, but it does need to be made known again.


Not just this (I’m 100% for this though) but also folders would be sooo helpful in organization. I’ve been pestering myself to be a neat freak with my Dev stuff, and it would be very nice to have folders lol


Hell to the yes. I’m sure the few of you remember my little project Black and White, and that one had a literal billions of blocks in it, and that was just the floor texture.


I think this is an amazing idea. from my third game onwards, the library was rather huge. The question is, can grazer do it? Does he even want to do it? Or are there other things that need his attention more?


We already have a similar system in place for sound files (folders in folders in folders). Would it be possible to adapt that existing system to image files? @grazer I highly support this (maybe even above layering controls). What say you?


wow, that would be sooo helpful. I think this is something quite a few people have requested, and for good reason. If you look in my games library I constantly have to put "1"s before the name so they’ll show up first. Like: 1player, 1111door, 11infected, 111111111111aicube stuff like that. It would be very helpful if I could delete all of those 1s and just search for them instead :smile:


I think I can join all the long term/veterans in saying this has been a request since day one.


To add to this request, we could also get it for the level tab, since that can get crowded as well.

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f2p with my 50 objects :’)

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I’m calling this one resolved: New Update: Library search 📚 - #2


Loving it, thank you so much :slight_smile:


Any possibility we also get folders, I think this would be the most useful, and then also get this in the editor, when selecting objects, (for example Collision, raycast) changes like this would be super appreciated. Really anything that makes editing faster.