Lighting Effect

Hi Game Creators,

I was wondering if and how it is possible to make a lighting effect. Basically a block that is white on one side and transparent on the other side.

I know about the Alpha behaviour but this doesn’t do the job, as you can’t change the transparancy within the block.

Latif uses a shadow filter in his game “The Graveyard”. In the sprite editor you see the png-squares in different gradients, but when I try this, it simply shows the squares instead of being transparant.

Thanks in advance!

There is a way that I use, but there’s probably a simpler way out there. You just need, for example, a torch, to send a message to all blocks in proximity with it. That message constantly starts the animation of a white/transparent block. When you break the Torch, it no longer sends a message and therefore no longer starts the animation.