Link to Website in Game

I want to add a link to my website IN the game. Where it says “Go to Website” and you click it, and it takes you to my website.

That requires javascript, I do not believe you can do that yet if at all. Trust me, I would want to too. Until then just type your website as a picture and upload it to the game if you’d like.

How do i use javascript?

You don’t. is written in Objective-C for shockwave flash. Only the admin can incorporate changes. It isn’t really on the to do list anyway, but it might be if the site gets popular.

It is popular to me.


sure, but until you see a ton of people using it to make ios games, it’s just collecting thousands of failed or forgotten projects, just wasting space.

oh my… Why don’t you delete them? Or grazer. Whoever is the guy that does that.

But w-man what if they want to come back?

Yeah, that’s the thing. Maybe after a year they will be moderated for being worth removed or kept


That’s Not Cool When People Make A Game And Leave It I Don’t Do That Im Working On A Well Made Game

I didn’t leave my game. I am just taking a break for a while.

I made a link to my website once and it worked!!! for some reason

really? how?